WWF and me!

This is a piece of work that was produced earlier in my career, but it remains a fundamental experience for me, as it made me aware of the full extent of branding in commercial design. This pack was developed as a brand realisation document package. WWF work with a variety of different causes, but at the time the brand was perceived to only work with animal conservation, specifically that of the panda bear - due to their well known logo. This document package was developed to educate staff at WWF on what a brand is, and how this is applied to WWF as a business. Focussing on areas such as tone of voice, visual instruments; typefaces and colour palettes, to communicate a better understanding of their visual personality. The size of the booklet was very important, as many of the WWF staff are on the move most of the time. The idea was that it was easy to transport and take with you, as it is pocket sized, rather than a large brand document package.

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