SingStar PS3

SingStar was a highly successful brand on PS2, and was now in need of a fresh visual update for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 release. The new PS3 version of the game leaned heavily on User Interface and User Experience, with a huge number of assets and screens to be created. The Creative Director had established the visual language of the game, and I worked under him creating new screens, concepts and flows for new areas of the game - such as the popular social networking area, My SingStar Online. While working on this project I was responsible for creating graphic elements such as iconography, customisation packs, and in-game assets such as buttons and game components. This game is an ever evolving franchise, constantly breaking into new and emerging marketplaces. This meant that the branding had to be adapted and fit to new markets on a near constant basis, creating sub brands for up to 12 versions of the game per year. The design turn over was frenetic, but the experience in the world of franchise gaming was extremely valuable. My Art Director Alex (Townsend) and I got on very well, and this contract turned into a full time position at Sony Playstation, where I worked on SingStar and other up and coming games for the company while working on the in-house creative services team. Alex was the most creatively inspiring Director I have ever worked with, and I still draw on what I learned from him to this day. He continues to be an inspiration, and a great friend.

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